Amateur Radio and Electronic Parts Dealers

Mostly Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebones, microcontrollers and related parts. Good source for beginner projects
Parts is parts and they have a good supply of them
BG Microelectronics
Parts is parts and they also have a good supply of them.
Communications Specialties, Inc.
Sub-audible tone generators and decoders. DTMF keypads.
Gateway Electronics
Lots of surplus “goodies” for construction and experimentation at attractive prices.
Ham Radio Outlet
Another reputable, knowledgeable amateur radio dealer
KJI Electronics
ICOM specialist since 1978. Gene offers a wide selection of new, used and demo gear plus in- and out-of-warranty service. Catch him at the next hamfest, or check out his Website.
Marlin P. Jones and Associates
Parts including microcontrollers
Peter Dahl Co.
Manufacturer of high-voltage power supply transformers, chokes, and other components.
Universal Radio, Inc.
The W5YI Group
Gordon West license study guides and other publications. Also, ARRL/VEC’s biggest competitor!

Amateur Magazines

CQ Amateur Radio
Contests. Construction. Amateur news. Education & information.
Ham Radio Online
Monitoring Times
Premiere magazine for radio hobbyists covers the spectrum from LF beacons through Ku satellites. Essential reading for scanner enthusiasts!
Nuts & Volts
Once primarily a tabloid ad-circular, this slick, professional monthly promises “Everything For Electronics” – and delivers!
QST Magazine & QEX/Communications Quarterly
QST: Official Membership journal of the American Radio Relay League.
QEX/Communications Quarterly: Technical “meat” for the serious experimenter.

Area Amateur Radio Clubs

Rockland Repeater Association
Rockland Repeater Association website, with info about their repeaters and a link to the Crystal Radio Club.
MBARC: Mount Beacon Amateur Radio Club
FM-repeater group specializing in public service communications.
TSARA: Tri-States Amateur Radio Association
Serves Amateurs in the NY-NJ-PA region. Club offers an annual Hamfest, monthly VE sessions and other activities.

Community Service Organizations

The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc.
Tiny Pollepel Island (aka, “Bannerman’s”) is home to centuries of folklore – and a mysterious, crumbling castle! Take a closer look at this unique historical “icon” and one non-profit group’s efforts to preserve it.
Habitat For Humanity International
Former President Jimmy Carter joins thousands of volunteers in 43 countries worldwide in a year-’round program of bringing affordable shelter to the less-fortunate. Habitat’s mission is “More Than Houses: Rebuilding Our Communities.”

Antique Radio

Antique Electronics Supply
Parts, assemblies, etc. to restore those old “boat anchors” and other gems. Check out their EIA resistor color code chart!
A. G. Tannenbaum
Manuals for Amateur and consumer electronics. Also sells parts and various surplus items.
Vast collection of operation/service manuals. Offers literature search for small fee.
Radio Daze, L.L.C.
“Your home for vintage radio and electronics.” Also buys estates, closeouts, excess parts. Conveniently located near Rochester Hamfest
The Xtal Set Society
“Dedicated to once again building and experimenting with radio electronics.” Interesting publications and “battery-free” fun projects!


Yaesu (Vertex Standard)
ICOM America
Kenwood Communications
MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
Accessories, includes Ameritron amplifiers and Vectronics antenna tuners.
L.K.G. Industries
Philmore parts, DATAK PCB supplies, Pfanstiehl phono stylii, EDSYN desoldering tools, Loctite products. Experimenters: check out the line of DATAKITS and DEPP educational kits!
Buckmaster Publishing

Amateur Radio Software

ARRL Software
ARRL offers a variety of the latest computer software for educational and station development purposes.
America’s premiere source for satellite tracking and telemetry-decoding utilities!
FUNET: The Finnish University and Research Network Archive
Loads of useful Amateur and SWL programs for free download.

Operating Info

Commercial Amateur database publisher with a variety of useful products offers this free callsign lookup service.
ARRL Callsign Search
Another of the American Radio Relay League’s free services for new and experienced Hams.
Band conditions
Current Band conditions
Where are all the Hams? – Hammap
This link will show you where someone is located

Information & General Interest Sites

ARRL: The American Radio Relay League, Inc.
National association for radio amateurs.
ARRL Hudson Division
Webpage for the Eastern NY, NY-Long Island and Northern NJ Sections.
AMSAT: The Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation
Non-profit association for space-communications enthusiasts. Builds, manages and promotes use of Amateur satellites.
FCC: The Federal Communications Commission
Governmental agency that regulates all means of electronic communications in the U.S.
NIST: National Institute of Standards & Technology
Governmental agency. Hosts web pages for standard time & frequency stations WWV, WWVH and WWVB.
Interesting site with histories on many broadcast stations in the US and elsewhere.
TAPR: Tucson Amateur Packet Radio, Inc.
Non-profit association for modern data communications via Amateur Radio. Pioneered the TNC and encourages use of the AX.25 packet-switching protocol.
License Generator
Print a color copy of your license for free!
Our friend and OCARC-Net participant Gerry from Long Island has an interesting site describing many things, among them his interest in packet radio.
500 absolutely Amateur Radio sites
Good list of Amateur Radio sites provided by ARRL Kansas section.
A Trip Back in Time – The History of the Telegraph
A great site on the history of the telegraph, Morse code, and communications in general. This link was suggested by Rebecca, a student in Ms. Delgrego’s class at The Craft Central Schools in Virginia. Thanks, Rebecca!!