Exam Schedule

We have temporarily suspended the OCARC VE testing due to the social distance requirements in place. The ARRL is looking hard at remote testing, but hasn’t indicated when they might approve such a method. Remote testing would require a video connection such as Zoom or similar feature. So far, the ARRL position is that remote testing looks promising.

OCARC is currently considering alternative testing methods that would conform to New York “Pause”. As soon as it is practical, we will announce a testing procedure. In the meantime, continue your study and testing currently available on line.

Please check back to this OCARC website frequently for the latest information. We realize how anxious you might be to earn your first license or upgrade, and we are frustrated with the restrictions in place as well.

2020 Exam Schedule


January 17 – Munger                                                                                                                                                             February 21 – Munger
March 20 – Munger
April 17 – Munger
May 15 – Munger                 Canceled
June 19 Munger                  Canceled
June TBA – FIELD DAY – 10AM       Canceled

June 17  outdoor VE session   Contact W2BCC@arrl.net  for info

July 17 – Munger                         Canceled
August 21 – Munger                     Canceled
September 18 – Munger               Canceled
October 7 – Newburgh
November 20 – Munger            Canceled
December  —  no scheduled exam

Any questions reference exams contact W2BCC at w2bcc@arrl.net