From the President

The Orange County Amateur radio Club is just over 50 years old and still going strong.  Although Amateur radio is technical, the club enjoys many social activities all year such as catered dinners, a picnic, etc.   Even our radio operating events have a strong fun social side.

Many club members have formed strong friendships and join together for dinners during the month, and some members meet weekly for breakfast at a local diner.

More technical activities include operating at Field Day in June, which is a national 24-hour operating event.  More recently, the club participated in Winter Field Day, with the club voting to organize similar events quarterly to boost operator’s skills.

Once a week, a net is run on 10 meters to allow Technician level hams to operate on high frequency (HF).  When conditions are good, nation-wide contacts are made.

The club is open to all levels of licensed hams and welcomes non-licensed folks as well.

The bottom line: OCARC is not only a typical ham group, but a fun organization as well.