Monthly Meeting – Friday, February 21

Tom Ray, W2TRR will be taking us through a virtual tour of “The Nation’s Station”, WLW, Cincinnati.

Tom will start with a brief history of the station that, in the 1940s, went to 500,000 Watts – the most powerful AM station in the US – ever.  We will then watch a video shot at the Dayton Hamfest about 2 years ago of a tour given of the transmitter (it still exists) by W8GNM, Geoffrey Mendenhall, who was VP of Engineering Development at Harris Corporation (now Gates Air), and now runs Mendenhall Engineering in Ohio.

Geoff will then join us via Skype to show us additional pictures and answer any questions.  While you don’t know Geoff, you DO know Geoff, as he has developed and holds the patents on just about every bit of broadcast transmission technology in radio in the US since the mid-1970s – you have listened to his works.  Incidentally, this upcoming meeting has been heavily publicized in local media, so we could have a large turnout.  Tom also has an extensive deck of photographs of the facility.

Location is Munger Cottage in Cornwall, NY.

FCC License exams administered at 6:00pm (walk-ins welcome.)

Meeting starts at 7:30 PM

The public is invited to attend.